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The pain of losing a loved one is indescribable. When this happens, you may feel as though your world has come crashing down on top of you and there's nothing left in it for yourself or anyone else involved with that person’s life – until liability insurance pays off their mistakes!

The law provides compensation to those who have been wrongfully injured by negligence outside religious ceremonies such as weddings; if an action was taken potentially causing loss due to carelessness then legal representation would be necessary which includes finding out what happened exactly so they can seek justice effectively through court proceedings against those responsible.

While there is never any compensation that can be equated to life, procedures are set to compensate you for financial and non-financial losses. The Havins Law Firm has represented families with compassion to aid them in their compensation and judicial procedures.

Situations That Lead to Wrongful Death

Several different situations can cause wrongful death, and none are the same. Different situations where wrongful death can occur are:

Reckless, incapacitated, or distracted driving can lead to unpredictable accidents.

Left vulnerable, pedestrians are often fatally injured during vehicular collisions, even when they are just bystanders.

Lack of trained staff and empathy can lead to inadequate care of your loved one over time.

Failure to reasonably restrain animals can result in fatal bites, especially when the person cannot avoid them.

Inadequate steps were taken by property owners to protect others from harm while on their property can have fatal consequences.

Faulty design, manufacturing defect, or lack of proper instructions can harm people who are utilizing the product.

Failure to provide the necessary level of care, especially in urgent situations, can lead to loss of life, whether during a surgery or incorrect medication prescription.

Employer negligence in ensuring a safe working environment can lead to harmful and disastrous consequences.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s wrongful death, The Havins Law Firm dedicates itself to thoroughly investigating and gathering evidence to establish fault. It can be crucial for compensation and justice for your loved one. Hiring the right attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case, so it is a choice that can’t be made lightly.

Who Can File a Claim?

In Texas, the law states that the deceased’s family members can file wrongful death claims. Only the immediate family members can include the deceased’s spouse, children (including those legally adopted), and parents (including legally adoptive parents).

Depending on the circumstances, an attorney can recommend the best way forward and what type of claim to file for the wrongful death of your loved one. While you might not be ready to file a claim, ensure that you leave it to capable attorneys who can represent you and receive compensation that can help you in the long term.

Damages You Could File For

Various damages can be filed in the aftermath of your loved one’s demise. It includes:

wrongful death
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost care, counsel, and emotional support
  • Lost love or partnership
  • Lost inheritance
  • Lost benefits
  • Funeral costs
  • Medical costs
  • Property damage

If the wrongful death was caused due to willful actions, neglect, or decisions, claims could be filed to punish those responsible.

Compassionate Attorneys Can Prove Your Claim

The Havins Law Firm attorneys ensure that they handle your case with dignity, respect, empathy, and compassion. Attorneys need to establish fault and responsibility of the other party through evidence and investigation. They will need to prove that negligent behavior directly led to the wrongful death.

When compensation is rewarded, they will also need to establish remaining immediate family members as legal beneficiaries.

Until When Can You File a Claim?

In Texas, there is a two-year time limit under the statute of limitations from the date of misconduct that led to the wrongful death. While there are exceptions to this rule, they are few and limited. The longer you wait to file a claim, the fewer chances the attorneys and investigators can gather the proper evidence.

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No compensation can ever make the pain of losing a loved one go away. Wrongful death claims are complex, but they are meant to help the ones who are left suffering after the death of a loved one. Receiving fair compensation can mean that you can pay pending bills and expenses and grieve for your loved one.

The Havins Law Firm has over 30 years of experience representing families in wrongful death cases. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation to understand what would be best for you moving forward.

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