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Motorcycle Accidents Cause Serious Personal Injuries

We have learned through years of experience that motorcycle accidents usually result in serious bodily injury or death because of the negligence of a motor vehicle operator or the driver of a motor vehicle or tractor/trailer, who isn’t looking out for a motorcycle on the road. I have learned that the injuries associated with motorcycle accidents are more traumatic than most automobile accidents and usually involve permanent scarring, broken legs, broken pelvises, broken necks, head injuries, broken spines, and other such serious bodily injuries. We have the experience in handling motorcycle injuries and have developed the skills associated with motorcycle crashes to get the results you deserve.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Get Results

Motorcycle accident victims are rushed to the hospital surgery room because the violent nature of the impact causes the rider to be hurled from his bike and thrown onto the pavement or in the front of a moving vehicle.  Most motorcycle accident victims will experience serious head, back, or neck injuries, which cause permanent neurological symptoms the day after the accident.  Head trauma’sfrom motor cycle accidents usually produce such symptoms as headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, poor concentration, change in emotions such as irritability, depression or short temper, sleep disturbance and many other symptoms. Most common injuries in motorcycle collisions are broken pelvises and broken legs with multiple fractures that never heal properly.Our firm has represented hundreds of clients who have experienced head injuries from motorcycle accidents and we know what strategies have produced winning results from experience. An experienced motorcycle injury attorney will document your symptoms from the very beginning and ensure that you are getting proper medical treatment from renowned physicians who are the leaders in their field.  It is imperative for a client who has suffered head injuries from a motorcycle accident to seek medical attention from a board certified neurologist, psychologist, and/or psycho-neurologist who know how to treat your symptoms and will prepare an expert report detailing the nature and extent of your injuries for the judge or jury or insurance adjuster evaluating your case. Our firm has represented hundreds of clients who have suffered head injuries in motorcycle accidents cases and we have developed strategies that are designed to produce results.

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