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Neck/Cervical Injuries

Neck injuries are common in automobile accidents and can be life altering events.  Many people who suffer neck injuries are not able to go back to work because of the symptoms creating chronic daily pain and physical pain and mental anguish.  Neck injuries often produce such symptoms as, throbbing, pulsating sharp or dull pain, that worsens as the day turns into night.  Like head, injuries, neck injuries occur because the head and neck are jerked forward and backward or even sideways, causing whiplash and ligament damage.  The impact of the collision can cause a herniated, slipped or protruding disc, causing you severe pain and permanent impairment.  The symptoms may often include radiation of pain down into your arms or hands, with a numbness sensation, or pain in between your shoulder blades, stiffness or restricted range of motion, or producing pain palpable to touch.  Many of my clients have complained that their head is now too heavy for their neck, which I call the skull effect, and have to wear a neck brace daily for support; notwithstanding, most clients tell me that it does not resolve the pain.  If you have suffered a neck injury, you may be in for the battle of your life, and hiring the right lawyer is an important decision, because you will have to live with the recovery for the rest of your life.

Back/Neck/Spinal Cord Injuries

Back and neck injuries can affect the quality of your life and rob you of the enjoyment of life, and few people understand how you have lost the ability to function normally.  Many accident victims will suffer a herniated or protruding disc, which produces radiation of pain down into their legs and feet, creating a numbness sensation, impacting their daily life.  Spinal cord injuries are common in accidents and can cause serious nerve damage, ruptured or herniated discs, resulting in full or partial paralysis, numbness or loss of feeling, loss of reflect functions and autonomic disturbances.  Spinal cord injuries can be very debilitating and can lead to substantial medical problems, including physical back pain, mental anguish, infection, sexual dysfunction, muscle spasms, chronic pain, loss of bladder control and interfere with the ability to sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time.  After an accident, having back and neck injuries, frequently preclude you from returning to full time employment and coupled with physical pain, it puts a financial strain on you and your life that can be unbearable.  Many clients lose their jobs because of their inability to work or because their work becomes sporadic, or their not able to perform the job that they were trained for or used to be able to do. In such instances, having an experienced back injury lawyer can make a difference in your life.

Experienced Head Injury and Back Injury Lawyers

Our firm has handled hundreds of cases involving traumatic head injuries, neck and back injuries and we know what complaints to look for from our clients and what medical treatment is needed to help you and how to get results for your head, neck or back injuries. We will sit down with you, listen to your pain, and in most cases we will target the policy limits. If you have permanent debilitating daily head, neck or back injuries, we will recommend that you seek the policy limits available to the person who hit you or explore the tortfeasor’s financial ability to compensate you fully for your damages.  Don’t settle for less.

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