Automobile and truck crashes account for more injuries nationwide than any other type of motor vehicle accidents and many are caused by reckless, impaired drivers, DWI drivers, or those who fail to follow traffic laws.  Victims of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking and tractor trailer accidents need aggressive, competent and experienced personal injury lawyers who know how to get results.

The Havins Law Firm has over thirty years of experience in obtaining verdicts and settlementsand has established a solid reputation providing representation to accident victims and their families, including hard-ball negotiation tactics with insurance adjusters, insurance companies, and corporate America and their representatives and their counsel.

The attorneys strive to achieve excellence in their method and manner of achieving outstanding results, including:  maximizing damages in each case, challenging insurance companies and major corporations attempts to down-play the extent or cause of injuries, employing investigators to locate witnesses, secure evidence, and investigate accident scenes, hiring experts to examine the proximate cause of the accident or just to maximize damages, employing competent staff to ensure client communication, presenting and accumulating evidence and ensuring all relevant deadlines are met.

It is import to properly and thoroughly investigate each accident to determine the cause of the accident to establish the negligent of the tortfeasor.  Discussing the case with witnesses, police officers, experts, taking photographs of property damage, and injuries, reviewing and obtaining necessary medical records, sending out spoliation letters to preserve evidenceand researching legal violations are essential to maximizing one’s recovery.  Our firm has a competent staff who knows how to build a case and attract the attention of an adjuster or a defense attorney, who will want to settle your case rather than delay your settlement or go to trial.Our firm has handled thousands of motor vehicle accident for over thirty years involving personal injuries, including:

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Causes:

  • disregarding a stop sign
  • rear end collisions
  • unsafe lane changes
  • automobile rollovers
  • tire defects
  • driver fatigue/sleeping
  • drunk drivers
  • incompetent drivers
  • driver inattention
  • running a red light
  • head on collisions
  • law violations
  • SUV rollovers
  • tire blowouts
  • driver negligence
  • unlicensed drivers
  • reckless drivers
  • cell phone distraction
  • unsafe lane changes
  • t-bone collisions
  • defective brakes
  • 18 wheeler rollovers
  • tire separation
  • owner negligence
  • inexperienced drivers
  • employer negligence
  • texting while driving

Drunk Driving DWI Accident Lawyers

The Havins Law Firm has over thirty years of experience in obtaining recoveries against drunk drivers, who cause automobile accidents.  Under Texas law you may be entitled to punitive damages against DWI drivers who cause personal injuries to you in an automobile accident.  Insurance adjusters should give careful consideration to accidents caused by drunk drivers and our firm will always stress to the adjuster that greater damages should be awarded to victims who have sustained personal injuries in drunk driving accidents.

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