Houston Industrial Accident Lawyers

Industrial/Workplace Accidents

Every day there are incidents that occur at unsafe workplaces that lead to serious bodily injury and/or death.  Industrial accidents often occur because big companies do not maintain a safe working place for their employees and guest who are invited to the premises.  We have represented hundreds of employees and invitees over a period of 30 years, including situations that arise from unsafe construction sites, unsafe buildings, unsafe plants, faulty electrical wiring, unsafe working conditions, unsafe machinery, unsafe operators of machinery, unsafe release of chemicals, unsafe training methods, lack of training, unsafe company operations, unsafe company policies and guidelines, explosions from unsafe conditions and many other unsafe practices.

The owner’s and occupiers of land and employers frequently engage in defensive tactics to avoid their responsibility and either delay or deny your claim altogether. We are devoted to ensuring that the owners and occupies of premises and employers account for responsibility for injuries or death caused to their guests.

Workmen’s Compensation/Third Party

Our firm has considerable experienced in representing victims who were injured while on the job.  Many employs elect not to carry workmen’s compensation insurance and are open to liability for suits by their employees under a doctrine known as “non-subscriber cases.”  We have successfully settled cases with employers for employees who were injured on the job that did not carry workmen’s compensation insurance.

Third Party-Responsibility of Others

In many on the job injuries, there is more than one person or entity who is responsible for the accident.  We accept cases involving third party liability where an employee is injured on the job because of the negligent actions of a fellow employee who may be working for a different employer or on the premises of another company who caused your injuries.  In many instances, employees are injured because of dangerous or defective machinery or because a fellow employee working for another employer causes your injuries.

Experienced On the Job Injury Lawyers Know How to Get Results

Our firm has over thirty years’ experience in representing accident victims, who have suffered personal injuries arising out of workplace incidents or on the job injuriesand we have developed strategies that are designed to produce results. Contact the personal injury lawyers at The Havins Law Firm by calling 713-484-5514 or (713) 9-LAWYER. You may also contact us by filling out the form at the top right of this page or by email and we will get back with you today for your free legal consultation.