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SUV Rollover Accidents

SUV’S are dangerous motor vehicles because they have the propensity to roll over. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates automobile safety standards, investigates safety defects in motor vehicles and enforces fuel economy standards and conducts research on driver behavior and traffic safety. NHTSA has published reports that most SUV’s have a high center of gravity and when combined with a narrow track width, it creates a propensity for SUV’s to rollover. Since SUV’S have become family vehicles, more weight has increased the vehicles propensity to roll, and resulted in causing victims to suffer serious bodily injury or death.

When an SUV rolls over, the seatbelt in these vehicles is not designed to tie you to the seat, and result is that the roof is flimsy and will crash from 10-12 inches, or you may be flailed around with your seat belt on, causing serious head injuries or fatalities. When combined with a defective tire, the propensity to roll is enhanced threefold and likelihood of serious bodily injury or death to the occupants is imminent.

Texas SUV Rollover Attorney — Over Thirty Years’ Experience

It is important for a client to employ an attorney who has the ability and experience to pursue a SUV Rollover.   We accept cases including, crash worthy cases involving SUV rollovers that cause serious permanent injuries or wrongful death. We have represented clients who have been the victims of accidents involving rollovers which caused serious permanent and disabling permanent injuries or wrongful death.  The average person does not know what questions to ask, but our firm has handled numerous cases involving SUV rollovers, motor vehicle rollovers, 18 wheeler rollovers, commercial truck rollovers, and what you need to know is that prompt investigation of your case, finding and preserving evidence is essential to the development of your case and without it, you may have a difficult time recovering anything in your case.  Don’t settle for less!  Call our law firm today to discuss your case immediately and let’s get an investigator to the scene, to take photographs, analyze skid marks, locate black recorder boxes, gather evidence, locate defective tires or separated tread lying of the road or defective parts that may have been left at the scene or taken to a body shop where it was ultimately lost, misplaced or destroyed.

Prompt Investigation by Experienced SUV Rollover Lawyers

There are so many things that can happen to the evidence that the average person or an inexperienced attorney just doesn’t have the experience, knowledge or resources to preserve the evidence and present the case for a trial.  Anything less than a full comprehensive investigation will definitely affect the development of your case and the bottom line of your settlement.  Our firm has over thirty years’ experience in handling rollover cases and knows how to get you a fair settlement and put your case together for an adjuster or a jury to evaluate. We send out a spoliation letter (which imposes a duty on the tortfeasor to preserve evidence) immediately to the responsible party or his adjuster demanding that they preserve the evidence and hold them accountable for destroying evidence. Don’t delay taking action, call our office today for an immediate appointment and preserve the evidence.

Houston Personal Injury Attorney Produces Results

We know from experience that what comes next is from the benefit of having been there before and knowing what to do, what works and what doesn’t, and what theories of recovery will be beneficial, and what causes SUV rollovers to occur and what experts are needed to make your case, and what the costs will be to produce the results.  SUV rollover cases are very expensive to litigate, and it takes an experienced SUV rollover attorney, who knows what the formula for success is and how to present your case to a judge or jury.  Call our firm today to discuss your SUV rollover case and learn what it takes to make results happen in your case.  Don’t wait until it’s too late; preserve your evidence today.  You will be glad you made a decision to act today! Don’t delay, call today at (713) 484-5514 or (713) 9-Lawyer (713) 952-9937 for your free consultation!