Houston Truck Accident Lawyers– Over 30 years of experience

18 wheeler trucks and other commercial vehicles cause some of the most serious injuries on the highways today. As our economy has grown over the years and the highways improved, the number of trucks on the road has also increased. The trucking accident lawyers at the Havins Law Firm have been helping individuals and their family members seriously injured by 18 wheeler trucks and other commercial vehicles recover for their injuries and restore the family’s financial security for over thirty years.  Our firm has represented numerous victims of accidents for personal injuries caused by trucking companies, including delivery trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, freight trucks, postal and parcel trucks, FedEx & UPS trucks, semi-trucks, and wrecker trucks.

Trucking accidents can result for many reasons, but the most common causes generally originate from an overloaded truck, faulty brakes, improperly secured load, driver fatigue, driver inattention, driver intoxication, driver negligence, drivers violations of traffic laws, defective tires, defective brakes, defective trucking equipment, inadequate driver training, jack-knifing, long driving hours, inadequate driver training, truck safety violations, strict time schedules, and employer negligent hiring practices. When there has been an accident involving a 18 wheeler truck or other commercial vehicle, determining responsibility of the driver is imperative. A thorough investigation of all the possible causes for the accident must be conducted to determine liability. This investigation will include:

  • Reviewing safety inspection reports
  • Maintenance logs/records
  • Certifications for state and federal regulations
  • Driver logbook
  • Analyzing the truck’s on-board data recorder
  • Analysis of the truck, including the brakes and other safety equipment that could be defective
  • Review of the company’s safety policies
  • Review of the trucking company’s records, including hiring practices, training, and testing
  • Investigating the driving record of the operator for prior accidents and citations

Texas Tractor/Trailer Accident Lawyers Gets Successful Results

After an accident, victims often experience serious bodily injuries, including brain and head injuries, neck, back and spinal injuries (causing herniated discs), paralysis, loss of limbs, disfigurement, permanent impairment, scarring, lacerations and bruising, comas, and even wrongful death. It is important to have an experienced trucking accident lawyer, who is familiar with trucking regulations and has had the experience of litigating cases against commercial trucking companies and their drivers.  Presentation of your case to a jury is everything and winning lawyers have to know what formulas of success will produce a satisfactory recovery for their clients.  Our firm has represented hundreds of accident victims, who have sustained serious bodily injuries and/or wrongful death arising out of the negligence of an 18 wheeler truck driver.

Head and brain injuriesare often occur as a direct result of the violent nature of the impact caused by 18 wheelers, who have been driving for long hours and are either speeding or asleep at the wheel.  Head injuriesusually produce such symptoms as headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, poor concentration, change in emotions such as irritability, depression or short temper, sleep disturbance and many other symptoms. If you have suffered a head injury from an 18 wheeler accident, it is important to be examined by a board certified neurologist who has the experience in diagnosing head trauma’s and will perform a series of neurological tests.  Many 18 wheeler accident victims suffer from memory loss as a direct result of their head injuries caused by a semi-truck and will need a referral from the neurologist to a psycho-neurologist to properly diagnosis memory loss and post-traumatic head syndrome, which can cause permanent impairment and loss of normal mental functions.

Texas Trucking Lawyer Investigates 18 Wheeler Accidents

After a trucking accident, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations allows trucking companies to destroy the driver’s log books and maintenance reports after only six months following a trucking accident. We prevent any evidence from being destroyed and begin to immediately conduct an investigation of the accident while the evidence is still fresh and the witnesses can still clearly account for the details of how the accident occurred, including acquiring all trucking records and employing experienced trucking accident investigatorsto analyze skid marks and reconstruct the accident, and researching the responsible parties who should be held liable for your accident.

Knowledge and Experience Produce Results

There are so many things that can happen to the evidence that the average person or an inexperienced attorney just doesn’t have the experience, knowledge or resources to preserve the evidence and present the case for a trial.  Anything less than a full comprehensive investigation will definitely affect the development of your case and the bottom line of your settlement.  Our firm has over thirty years’ experience in handling 18 wheeler tractor-trailer accidents and we know from experience that what comes next is from the benefit of having been there before and knowing what to dowhat works and what doesn’t, and what theories of recovery will be beneficial, and what value should be placed on your injuries and what experts are needed to make your case, and what the costs will be to produce the results.  Hiring the right lawyer is an important decision, because you will have to live with the recovery made by your lawyer for the rest of your life.   Call our firm today to discuss your personal injuries and learn what it takes to make results happen in your case.  Don’t wait until it’s too late; preserve your evidence today.  You will be glad you made a decision to act today! Don’t delay, call today at (713) 484-5514 or (713) 9-Lawyer for your free consultation!