Victories against Automobile & Tire Manufacturers

The Havins Law Firm’s victories include causes of actions against automobile manufacturers, product manufacturers, tire manufacturers, major corporations, major insurance companies, and responsible individuals. See Verdicts and Settlements for some examples of the firm’s exceptional results.

Tire Defects, Tire Recalls, Non-Recalls and SUV Rollovers

Every year there are thousands of people who suffer serious bodily injuries or death is injured due to defective tires. The manufacturers often discover that they have released defective tires and circulate recall notices for defective tires that are published. However, in many instances manufacturers release defective tires that are not recalled even though their products result in serious injury or death. It takes a skilled lawyer to know what to do in such situations and employ competent experts and investigators to establish a claim. The pursuit of a lawsuit against a manufacturer and its distributors requires ample resources to successfully reach a satisfactory settlement offer or verdict.

Tire Tread Separation

Tire tread separation is the result of a defect that occurs during the manufacturing process that leads to injury or death. The tread separation evolves when the tread of the tire starts coming apart, separates from the tire, and causes the vehicle to rollover, resulting in a roof crush. The tread separation will usually cause a blowout that leads to the operator of a SUV losing control of the vehicle and causing it to rollover. The roof of a SUV crushes from the rollover as a direct result of inferior roof structures, weak roof pillars and headers, and inadequate support systems.

Tire Defect Recalls

Many manufacturers have recalled defective tires and circulated notices of certain defects. It is important to identify markings of a tire to determine the nature of the defect. Each tire has particular markings that identify the tire, including numerical markings, size, weight, and speed. We have learned that manufacturer’s recognize that tire separation results from defective designs and placement of radial belts and overlying tread. The adhesion process is often the cause of the separation because of the use of improper adhesives, including improper temperatures, inferior grades, improper manufacturing processes, improper procedures and operations, improper bonding methods, unclean facilities and contaminants.

Tire Defect Investigations

Our firm is of the opinion that it is essential to immediately commence an investigation and send an investigator to the scene to gather evidence. After the tire separates, the tread scatters everywhere at the scene and retrieving the separated tread can defeat defensive theories designed to diminish your recovery, such as nail punches, tire repairs, previous flats, improper tire pressure, and other defensive tactics. We employ experienced investigators who know what to look for and how to preserve the evidence for trial. If you or a member of your family has suffered serious injuries or death arising out of tire defect and SUV rollover, we are available to immediately consult with you and pursue your case immediately.

Preserving Defective Tires and Separated Tread

We will immediately send out an investigator to the scene of the accident to locate the defective tire and/or any pieces of the tires that may be lying on the highway before it disappears or is removed by the highway department. We will contact the storage lot, tow truck driver and the investigating police officers to preserve the defective tires or any tire particles in their possession to properly preserve the defective tires or tread in your personal injury or wrongful death case. Don’t delay getting help. Call our law firm today!