Every year the manufacturer’s in the automobile injury discovery defects in automobiles that have been released to the general public. It is important to a competent attorney who understands the cause and effect of such defective products and can overcome the dramatic defenses often raised by manufacturer’s who know they are responsible for the release of automobiles that are made or repaired with defects. We focus on understanding the problem, choosing the right experts and initiating an immediate investigation with a qualified expert to establish manufacturer liability and preserve the necessary evidence. Our firm has represented thousands of victims of motor vehicle defects that caused serious bodily injuries or wrongful death, including the following types of cases:

  • Airbag deployment failures
  • Brake System Failures
  • Broken Seats
  • Child Restraint Failures
  • Defective Seat Belts
  • Faulty Brake Repairs
  • Faulty Mechanical Repairs
  • Faulting Wiring
  • Fuel Tank Fires
  • Gas Pedal Sticking
  • Ignition Defects
  • Roof Crushes
  • Steering Mechanism Failures
  • SUV Rollovers
  • Tire Blowouts/Defects
  • Motor Vehicle Fires

Motor Vehicle Defects
After an accident case, victims of an accident often delay making decisions because they don’t know what to do. Waiting to seek help will often have an impact on your case, because insurance companies and/or manufactures will commence their investigation immediately and allow evidence to be destroyed. Motor vehicles are often taken to storage lots or removed to salvage yards where the vehicles are sold for scrap and destroyed. If the person responsible for the accident allows his/her vehicle to be destroyed, you may lose your cause of action against the manufacturer because the motor vehicle and the manufacturing defect that caused it has been destroyed. Most insurance companies will purchase the vehicle that caused the accident and sell it to a scrap yard were it is destroyed and/ or the evidence disappears. It is important to send a spoliation letter to the responsible party, their insurance company and the scrap yard or storage facility immediately after the accident or to go to court to get a temporary injunction to preserve the evidence of the motor vehicle defect. Don’t let it happen! Call our law firm today.